A Strange and Lovely Tree


After taking three images, I needed a fourth one to not waste developer – the tank holds four negatives at one time. There is a pocket park near our home, and I had never set foot in it even though I’ve known about it for years. Now that all the ‘real’ parks are closed, I had to scale back from the big fancy parks with their lake vistas and mountain views, and try out just a little forest.

I went in about 30 feet and found this wonderful oddball tree.

The light was weak, and so I was going to need a time exposure of at least several seconds, so naturally I had not brought anything with me to mark the time. Having determined that 4 seconds was necessary at f/22, I went ahead anyway and kept time by counting “one thousand one, one thousand two, …”

Except because this was a photograph with a strange, complex new camera, what actually happened was that I said, “One thousand one” in my head and just stopped. So I guessed at when the close the shutter, and thank goodness it was about right. 🙂

The image at the top has been processed to show a good contrast level, but the forest was actually quite dark, like this:


I like both images myself, but I like the one with the lighter background a little bit better. The sun was coming and going (adding to my struggle for the right exposure), but mostly it was as above. The actual exposure was in partial, flickering sunshine.

Finally, I really like the look of the negative for this image. The tree looks like an alien hand with really long fingers. Many thoughts go into processing a photograph; not all of them are serious or sensible. 🙂


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