This Is a Poem I Want to Scream Out.

I’m so tired;
All the wrongs,
All the sorrows
I can’t contain them,
I can’t repair them.
I’m just a flood
And the me that was
washed away
is dead,
Like a bird in the grass

After the flood
I am so tired,
My shoulders bleeding
Something torn
Out of me—
My heart, I thought,
But I’m only bleeding,
I’m only tired:
I’m still breathing
Possessed of what’s left
When wishes rain off,
When anger tops out…

After all the love,
I am so tired.
I pick up the bird,
Is it just stunned,
Are there little gasps here
In my chest
In my dreams—
No, dreams die,
Friends wither,
Rain runs off of
dry fields before
this ache
can scream…

After the silence,
I am rested,
And damn me or love
I’m running across
Moors and other’s hopes
Diamonds are an idea
But love is real
To breathe
Into your mouth

In the silence,
I was brave,
And I just took it.
I shook and
I bled and
cried and lost.

I will always be a little tired
But don’t stir me up
Because I am the fucking wind
And you’d better
Put on your best
If you think you can
Test me.

This is for all of us
Who stood up and failed
At impossible things—
We own wings.

One thought on “This Is a Poem I Want to Scream Out.

  1. Woah :”)

    Sometimes you just read a poem that you relate to so much but you just don’t know how to describe the feeling you get without getting cheesy and mushy.
    It’s this poem for me. Amazing write.


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