Back to Watercolor at last

For various reasons, I have done very little watercolor for about four months. I got back into it by taking Cheryl Long’s Wednesday classes at Cedar Grange here in Maple Valley last week. Now I have to paint for at least three hours a week. So far, I am doing more than those three hours, which is good.

In class today, I painted something I had sketched last week, a little still-life of a coffee cup, brush, and palette case. I had originally intended to do my chunk-ism style again, but I thought I would paint the cup first (with those smooth gradients, it would be challenging) in ‘normal’ watercolor. I also had some ideas for the brush and the palette case. The latter two came off fine; the coffee cup got way out of control.

I am thinking that I will play around with this a bit digitally, and see if I want to go a little crazy with it. For now, here it is as painted. It doesn’t feel finished, but in a way, it also doesn’t feel not finished. Arches 140lb off-white, cold press, quarter sheet (11 x 16).

brush and cup
Brush and cup

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