Call Me Lefty

I’ve been meaning for some time now to get back to drawing with my left hand. I’m right-handed, but a few decades ago I experimented with drawing with my left hand, and it was a very interesting experience. You could call it “enhanced scribbling.” Not very sophisticated, but something interesting, usually a face, emerged from the chaos.

Those drawings are in New Mexico, so I can post an example at the moment, but I will when I get my hands on the sketchbooks.

Here are three left-hand drawings done over the last week or so, and all done with digital drawing tools on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Software: Corel Painter. I used a wide variety of virtual brushes.

First up: Listening to the Wind, using the Image Hose brush. Because left-handed stuff is spontaneous, at least so far, I don’t really know what anything in here is; the lines just feel ‘right’ where I put them. Hard to explain.

listening to the wind

Here are two others from today, a pixie and two fish. The pixie was drawn with a virtual pencil; the fish were drawn with a chalk image brush. (No, I don’t know what that really means.)

They are all primitive, but the line quality is very loose and they all have some feeling to them, so I’m hoping that I will wind up with ongoing interesting developments as I do more. Here are two more from last week, both are drawn by the left hand, and ‘colored in’ with various virtual media by the right hand. I got the feeling that each hand was doing what it does best.

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