#30-B: Casual Evil – 30 paintings in 30 days

The last one! It’s been quite an adventure. As I posted earlier today in the Facebook group that stated this odyssey of a painting a day:

“The month went by in waves. Some days I struggled, some days I did interesting things, but a few times during the month things really came together and I painted something that I really loved.  

It was the act of painting nearly every day (and doubling up at times to keep up) that was what meant the most. I saw painting in ways that I never had before. That applies at every level. I learned more about what I could do with brushes, how paint behaves, I learned or invented new techniques for myself, and so on. I painted some of my first “intentional” paintings–paintings that I conceived of deep inside, formulated a plan for, and then executed actively, adapting and learning and solving problems. There were just a few, but those paintings mean as much to me for what I learned as for the end result.

For me, painting every day needs to become the norm, not just a one-time thing.”

Although, surely, I can take a day off now and then.

This last painting is another line and wash; just your basic evil cat.

Casual Evil
Casual Evil

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