#23: Accidental Portrait of Alfred – 30 paintings in 30 days

I was sketching out a face, and apparently my subconscious mind turned it into a portrait of someone I know. I didn’t even realize it until my wife Donna pointed it out.

This is a hybrid effort – I drew the face loosely with pen and ink. It was water soluble ink, which I then blended with a brush.

I then painted in background and hair.

It definitely creates a different look to mix ink and watercolor in this way. And the hair was a great discovery; I was wondering how I would do it, and in the end, I think my technique worked pretty well. I did an underpainting of a multi-colored gray, then used a deeper black I mixed from my secondary palette to create some structure, then added fine details to give the hair a bit of body.

5″ x 7″ Fabriano watercolor block paper, cold press. I am really liking this paper. It is good for ink sketching, and it is bright enough to show colors to good advantage. Click for full size.

Accidental Portrait of Alfred
Accidental Portrait of Alfred

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