#14: Zoo Find – 30 paintings in 30 days

OK, this time let’s have some fun. This is a photograph of my palette. I have been using nearly the same set of colors for a week now, and the palette has become…interesting. It’s like laying on your back and looking up the clouds, and seeing elephants and fishes.

I found more than 30 animals and things in the paint mixture. What can you find? See below the image for a list of what I found, starting at top left and more or less going right, then down, if you’d like some ideas.

Zoo Find
Zoo Find

Here’s what I found:

Doe-eyed otter at top left; to its right, a yawning bear.
A breast with a pig’s nose nipple.
Biafran child
Parking meter
chinese gorilla
polar bear in profile
Shy cat.
Two cuddling naked turtles.
Hidden elephant
Classic 50s hair-do
a sheep
frog, or camel face
oyster out of shell
dinosaur, or cute crocodile
Rat with an orange fin
an alien, holding head, who has just jumped out of an airplane
A bear claw (just the one) breaking through the sound barrier
A salamander with a tattoo of a turtle’s head on its back.
a sleeping seal. A laughing seal.
I also found a moray eel, a manta ray with a carrot for a tail, ET, and a ghost from ghostbusters. An angry mouth, a jug handle, a panda with a skin problem, and an old man mediating while a naked turtle hugs his face. An atomic fireball. OK, two atomic fireballs.


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