#9: Eurydice's Dream, 30 paintings in 30 days

I’ve tried for quite some time to figure out how to manipulate watercolor paint by blowing blobs of it with a straw. Most of my efforts have been…poor. Last night I realized I could give the process some direction by trying to create a tree, and this is the result.

I used some “mud” in the bottom of my palette for the trunk, and the blue/red/yellow separated out nicely to provide some good texture. 

Spatter seemed to be called for, so I added some to make sky, fruit, and grass textures.

Eurydice was an oak nymph and wife of Orpheus; this is my take on her dreams in Hades waiting for Orpheus to rescue her. [Greek mythology] They are a mix of blood and fertility, a not uncommon situation for wood nymphs back in the day.

f” x 7″ Fabriano block paper.

Eurydice's Dream
Eurydice’s Dream

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