Gino's Tree – Line and Wash

More restaurant painting, this time on the butcher paper at Gino’s Bistro in Maple Valley. (I have to say a word or two about the Fradiavolo with clams and prawns, on a bed of linguine, with tomato sauce, onions, and whole garlic gloves.)

Testing out a travel watercolor case I’ve had for almost a year, a RaphaĆ«l travel kit with 10 color blocks in it. I applied a trick I learned only recently: pre-wet the blocks with a sprayer to soften them up, so you can get richer color when you want it.

I did the drawing with my favorite pen, the Danitrio Bat. I tried out my (relatively) new Escoda travel brushes, too – really nice brushes, nearly on a par with my best studio brushes. About 10″ x 10″. Click for a larger version.

gino's-tree (1)


Here’s a picture of the Bat pen:

Danitrio Takumi Komori Bats Fountain Pen

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