Table drawing: line & wash

More fun with line and wash, this time on butcher paper at the Rangoli Indian restaurant near San Jose.

Not only is the food outstanding, but they cover the tables in butcher paper and I always like to have a go at something – pen and ink, graphite wash, technical pens, and today watercolor.

This was done really fast – pen line drawing, then a #5 travel brush and a simple palette of four colors. Butcher paper is not particularly friendly to watercolor–it soaks up water like crazy at first, but when it’s full it puddle easily. 🙂

Two of the wait staff came over afterwards, and mentioned that quite a few of their customers make a habit of drawing on the butcher paper. Wish I could have seen some others, but I was the only one drawing during lunch today.

Quick table drawing with pen and watercolor.
Quick table drawing with pen and watercolor.

2 thoughts on “Table drawing: line & wash

  1. Love drawing on butcher paper! Mine aren’t half as expressive as yours of course. Just the standard doodles I’ve been making for years. Do you always doodle the same things or sketch something new each time?


    1. Thanks, Deniz. I usually wind up doing something different each time, although I will try something again if I feel I have learned something new. Usually, I am trying to see if I can execute on some subject or technique that I have spent some time studying recently.


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