Smiling Cheetah

This is based on a photo of a Cheetah; I’ve altered my interpretation a bit to make it more of a smile than a challenging snarl. Done with a new pen that Donna got for me, a ballpoint (of all things). It’s a Visconti pen, and their ‘ballpoint’ cartridges actually use a water-based gel ink, not greasy inks like most ballpoints. It struck me as possibly a good pen for drawing. This was pretty difficult paper for pen drawing, however (Stillman & Birn Beta, a cold-press watercolor style notebook paper). Even so, the pen worked well. I will try it on surface more like hot press soon, maybe later this evening.

As I sometimes do, I saw sitting rather lazily at a table, which meant that I was looking at the sketch from a low angle (which I have duplicated with the camera for this photo of the drawing). If you look at the image straight on, it’s quite skewed and odd looking, but it lines up nicely if you view it from the same angle as I drew it from. 🙂

cheetahDwg (1)

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