Day 32: Sketch a day

When I was ill recently, I dealt with acute renal failure. There was an interesting side effect to that: my eidetic imagery was intensified because of the excess urea in my bloodstream. (Eidetic images are what you see when you close your eyes – they range from random firings of nerves in the eye to quite coherent subconscious constructions using same.) My doctor assures me that strong sensory reactions are typical of the condition, so I can rule out more esoteric explanations.

This sketch, made on the iPad using layers in Sketchbook Pro, is based on one such image. It’s impossible to capture what I actually saw, at least in this medium, but I thought I would attempt to translate what I saw into an interesting abstract construction. It has the same elements – background gradients, interconnections, orange circles, random bits of color and line. The original was much more detailed and precise, and tended to be in motion most of the time, but using it as an inspiration seems more interesting to me than a literal transcription anyway. 🙂

There were quite a few variations, some quite radically different from this one, and over time perhaps they will serve to inspire other paintings. I think that I would need to paint with light itself in order to truly capture the experience, however…


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