Day 4: sketch a day

Needed something less ambitious today. This is a drawing from a photograph of a wren; I would guess that he’s asserting his territory. Done with my favorite drawing pen, a Danitrio Takumi fountain pen (though it was running a bit wet today, and it was very hard to get light/thin lines out of it). Did this in a new Christmas present to myself: a small Moleskine drawing pad, about 3″x5″. The ink is one I’ve had for a while, but this is the first time I’ve done a drawing with it (and the ink, rather than the humidity, may be the cause of the wetter-than-normal flow). It’s Terre de Fue from J. Herbin.

A wren asserting something...
A wren asserting something…

As for the pen, it’s a visual delight as well as a spectacular instrument for drawing.


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