What is happiness?

Yeah, funny, but...so so wrong!
Yeah, funny, but…so so wrong!

Ha. A friend posted this on Facebook today. I doth protest thusly:

1. Happiness is not about comfort; it is a fruit of adventure and novelty.

2. To remember is to carry the pain. Forgetting is forgiving, and forgiving begins an adventure. (See #1)

3. This refers to letting a man use you when he is in trouble. If you are a tool, I can’t help you (and you can’t help yourself). Don’t be a tool; be St. Francis and enjoy the assistance your provide as an example to the assisted. (Yeah, be St. Frances of the Assisted…)

4. They are the lilies of the field; let them grow, they will bloom eventually. Trust the process.

5. True enough. But more like a rusty nail than a pearl. (ba-da-BOOM)

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