One more blast from the 80s

What a mundane subject, but I like this one. A sun hat; I can feel the sun on it, I can feel how cool it is to wear.

An old straw hat as a still life study.
An old straw hat as a still life study.

A friend from Compuserve noted that this drawing reminded her of a the hat in The Little Prince that was really a picture of a boa constrictor eating an elephant. Which brought up a little story in my head, which goes like this:

If my drawing were NOT a drawing of a hat, it would be a drawing of a rope that woke up one day, and decided to disguise itself as a hat so that it could get into the closet at the front of the house to meet with its girlfriend, the saucy red and pink umbrella. Sadly, umbrella-girl was foolish and pretentious, and did not appreciate the love of the rope (a poor, twine rope, as strong as steel (well, almost) and with a heart of pure cotton love. Sigh. That’s how it goes, sometimes. The rope eventually stopped looking like a hat, and the umbrella grew old and lonely, and there came a time when all she had of the rope was this picture, which always made her sad, because, well, she could have lived a different life had she known what really mattered.


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