Drawing Test with New Pen

I recently acquired a beautiful Japanese fountain pen from Nakaya. The recent poem Tiger in the Grass was written with it, and this is ‘first art’ with the new pen. It has a peculiarly mystical way of connecting ink and paper – so far, it feels like a great pen for drawing.

A wooded scene; original is tiny, 1.75″ x 3″. Click for a 200% view.


I like to draw faces, and then add captions that strike me as appropriate. The style is ultra-quick and spontaneous: I have no idea what I’m drawing until it’s done. The Nakaya pen is better at keeping up with this speed, both in terms of continuing to lay down ink, and in terms of feel: the pen disappears, and it makes it all the more fun to find the face hidden in my imagination. Here are two wildly different examples. Click for full size, although the sizes here are not far from the size on paper.

The Irresponsible Man
The Irresponsible Man
The Satisfaction of Trouble
The Satisfaction of Trouble

Below is one of my (many) aliens; scanned from my sketchbook; left edge is a little shaded and fuzzy, as I could not get the notebook to lay flat on the scanner due to the thick spine.



This is what the pen itself looks like; an Aka-tamenuri (dark red lacquer over brighter red lacquer).

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