Eclipse Photos

I took some images of the annular eclipse today, from the roof of the Tzec Maun Observatory near Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Here are a few in roughly chronological order.

Warm-up: Determining exposure settings


About 40 minutes after first contact, about 20 minutes before maximum.
Maximum eclipse for my location on the planet.


The sun setting, still partially eclipsed by the moon.


4 thoughts on “Eclipse Photos

  1. Thanks, Beth and Zan Marie. It was exhilarating to take the images, felt like a dream. I particularly enjoyed the setting sun – the sun was still too bright to look at directly when it was higher up, but as it got very low (and I was looking down from 9,000 feet, which helped see the sun lower than on flat land) I could see the shadow of the moon clearly by eye. That was special.


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