More images from one-meter telescope

Here are two more images taken with the one-meter telescope. Seeing was quite good on the night these images were taken, down around the arc-second level (for you non-astronomers, that’s enviably steady air, that leads to tiny, sharp stars and lots of details in the images).

This is the Crab Nebula, a remnant of a supernova explosion. This is what happens when really big stars go ‘boom’ when they collapse from their own gravity. The Crab was imaged in hydrogen-alpha light, a very red wavelength emitted by hydrogen atoms. The image is a stack of eleven 5-minute images.

M1 processed in PixInsight
Crab Nebula (Messier 1) imaged with one-meter telescope

Here is another image from the same night, of galaxy M81 (faint fuzzy #81 in the list of ‘not comets’ made by 18th-century comet hunter Charles Messier). The camera wasn’t wide enough to capture the whole galaxy, but there are lots of fascinating details visible. This is three 3-minute images taken in visible light.

Messier 81 galaxy

3 thoughts on “More images from one-meter telescope

    1. Yes, you just need to add them to the folder where the other images reside. If I recall correctly, the images should be one pixel per acrminute: a one-degree image, that is 60×60 pixels. You can verify this by looking at any of the existing images – it’s been quite a while since I added any myself. Neil Flemming added quite a few images.


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