The Sea Burns

interrogates the soul
it’s not easy
to see the questions,
and ignore the demands.

It is the sea that burns,
but only the air that is fire.

Diving deep saves the soul
but leather lungs
are better tools
for those who would fly.

It takes honest effort;
hell is asking why.

LIberation is the fractionation
of living bodies:
a stack of crises,
a succession of surrendering cries,
the ketchup on life’s fries.

Trust is always misgiven,
it forges the trusted.

Fire accepts and destroys,
to be among the charred
is a badge
of faith
in faithless truth.

Sing with fire,
breathe like a whale.

2 thoughts on “The Sea Burns

  1. Thanks. This remains one of my more enigmatic, multi-meaning poems – even to me, it seems different each time I read it. It’s as if I knew what I meant to say, but not what found, not right away, in those words.


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