Redesign, relocation

Partly to improve speed/reliability, and partly to get more control, I’ve moved my blog to a Mac mini sitting at my house. Since I had to reinstall WordPress, I also did a redesign at the same time.

The move was easy and fast – copy database, copy files, change configuration, go.

The redesign took more time. I wanted a template that was simple and well-organized. I went with a template that is anything but simple (Suffusion) but it is incredibly well-organized. Both the guts of it and the front end meet that requirement.

The name of the blog – Words & Blues – comes from the two things I love the most, creatively speaking. Writing and music pretty much make up my soul. For the graphic, I used the color of the American Southwest: watch any sunset and you’ll see the day give way with intense orange light, and the night comes on with blue. They tough, they mingle, and it’s easy to say that one is words, and one is the music of the blues, but they can also switch roles easily.

That tells you what this blog is about: speaking the truth, singing the blues, and never knowing which is which.

One thought on “Redesign, relocation

  1. And a great new look, too! Ron, you already know I love it. I’ve toyed with a whole new overhaul on my blog, but I’m not able to go as far as you have–and doubt I’d get the same level of results either.


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