The Truth Is Always Grumpy

The hell with this hello world crap for a first post. Truth isn’t just uncomfortable; if no one is complaining, truth is on a holiday.

However, what’s the point of trying to shove large, immense, humongous truths down anyone’s craw? Truth as snack, that’s my motto.

So don’t look for diatribes; look for truth that is digestible, but is still likely to give you gas.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Is Always Grumpy

  1. Ron, I followed the link from Compuserve Books and Writers Community. I was hoping for a real essay on your own self, but it wasn’t to be. It’s only 70 words! Will there be more?
    Franklin Reid


  2. There will be more from time to time. I don’t know that I’m the essayist type; perhaps I’m more of a guerilla, slash-and-burn sort of commentator.


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